A store for clothing, accessories, objects and stationary by four Berlin design labels with a focus on handcraft and upcycling. SHIO store was opened in 2012 by Australian fashion designer Kate Pinkstone who moved to Berlin in 2011. Kate produces a Summer and Winter collection annually under the SHIO label shop here which includes high quality basics with a street edge, using natural fibres and clean, timeless design lines. Kate is also kept busy by her 'SHIO Upcycled' line, altering second-hand garments and breathing new life into unused or dated pieces. Both projects allow her to explore themes of Slow Fashion and Sustainability. In store the SHIO label and upcycled garments co-exist with pieces from 3 other Berlin design labels:

TRECHES - Playful, Organic Clothing - shop here

PASTPERFEKT - Custom Design Objects - shop here

PULP PAPIER - Japanese Paper and Craft - shop here

Jeanette Bruneau Rossow (TRECHES), Kelly Tivnan (PASTPERFEKT), Leah Buckareff (PULP PAPIER) and Kate Pinkstone (SHIO) inhabit the studio spaces behind the store creating honest, high quality, handmade goods on a daily basis. The SHIO store is a platform to showcase their works.

Open Mon - Sat : 12 - 19