Founded by designer Kate Pinkstone, Shio is a sustainable fashion label, store and studio in Berlin. Passionate about promoting an ethical supply chain, Kate sews every item in her in-store studio using natural materials carefully sourced from all over Europe. This degree of transparency is key for the sustainable shopper, allowing them to own clothing that both looks good and does good. Using eco linen, organic cotton and upcycled cotton, Kate repeats her core styles season after season to promote themes of slow fashion and sustainability. Inspired by the simplicity of Japanese patternmaking and building from classic, timeless silhouettes, the SHIO LABEL offers modern essentials for your everyday. In store you will also find the SHIO UPCYCLED line, which consists of second- hand garments or textiles that have been redesigned or remodelled for an improved style or fit. Each piece is unique. Kate often uses her patterns from the Shio Label to make one-off pieces in second hand fabrics. In store the Shio label and upcycled pieces co-exist with pieces from 3 other Berlin Makers:

SIGURROS EIDSDOTTIR - Art and Graphic Design - Website

PULVA JEWELRY - Handcrafted Jewelry - Website

PULP PAPIER - Japanese paper and craft - Website

Sigurrós Eidsdottir, Birgit Böse (PULVA JEWELRY), Leah Buckareff (PULP PAPIER) and Kate Pinkstone (SHIO) inhabit the studio spaces behind the store creating honest, high quality, handmade goods on a daily basis. The SHIO store is a platform to showcase their works.

Open Mon - Sat : 12 - 19